Noise barriers and green fencing

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Noise barriers and green fencing

Our products

Fence your yard differently

Protect the privacy of your yard with our uniquely designed fences. Primarily built from willow stems grown right here in Quebec, our fences are reliable, extremely durable and one of a kind. Discover the three styles of fencing we offer:

Produits Palissade séchée

Dried fencing

Take comfort surrounded by our dried willow fences! With zero maintenance required, they’re the perfect solution for your yard.
Produits Palissade séchée écorcée

Barkless dried fencing

Combining dried, barkless fencing with beautiful creepers gives your space a uniquely rustic feel.
Produits clôtures arlequins

Harlequin fencing

Bring your style to life with our harlequin fencing in living willow!


Noise barriers

At first glance, our acoustic fencing doesn’t look like something one would consider a “noise barrier.” Each one consists of woven stems covered in leaves that change colour with the seasons. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure it’ll fit an urban landscape just as well as more rural settings.