Noise barriers

Barkless willow


Unlike natural dried willow fences (with bark), barkless willow doesn’t require creepers. The process of debarking increases the lifespan of the willow stems and maintains tremendous aesthetic appeal as the years go on. Removing tree bark also prevents water from penetrating the wood, letting the stems themselves stay drier for longer. With natural willow, bark detaches itself naturally over time to give each fence a very rustic look. Because this natural phenomenon can’t occur with barkless fences, the natural willow is better suited to projects aiming to upkeep the contemporary finish of woven willow stems.

As time goes on, the willow stems will age gracefully to become a superb platinum grey. Since it isn’t necessary to plant sprawling vines at the base of the barrier, it’s quite possible, however, to incorporate less invasive ornamental creepers, such as clematis and climbing hydrangeas.

When we design our products, we use only the most robust, durable and recyclable materials. In order to maximize each barrier’s ability to last, we use only willow stems with large diameters. All frames are made of galvanized steel and very resistant woods, such as cedar, larch, hemlock and black locust.