Noise barriers

Natural willow with bark

Façade saule naturel avec écorce


For those who like to do things maintenance-free, our natural dried willow solutions are just the ticket. Our willows are dried, woven and assembled into panels, giving them a unique finish. To protect our barriers, we arrange different varieties of creepers to act as natural protection. Over time, willow stems will be affected by wind and weather. By the time that happens, though, vines will have, for the most part, already covered your fence. This combination will ensure a longer lifespan for your wall, as well as a facade that will be full of life for just as long.

When we design our products, we use only the most robust, durable and recyclable materials. In order to maximize each barrier’s ability to last, we use only willow stems with large diameters. All frames are made of galvanized steel and very resistant woods, such as cedar, larch, hemlock and black locust.