Noise barriers

Cut the sound with economical, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing barriers. They absorb noise more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner than concrete walls.

How do we design our barriers?

Our barriers are made from sturdy galvanized steel posts, black locust and larch posts, acoustic rock wool, and large-diameter willow stems. They’re built to last years without losing their lustre, their mechanical strength or their acoustic performance. Each barrier we’ve designed is tested and proven, and are now recognized for living up to the highest standards in the industry.
They’re the ideal solution for dealing with noise originating from roads, railways and industrial areas.

Our noise barriers are made from 100% recyclable materials and have an expected lifespan of 30–40 years.

They require almost no maintenance or protective coating, and don’t incite graffiti!




Facade design


You can choose the finish on each facade of your acoustic fencing.
Choose between dried willow (with or without bark), oak or mesh wire.
Dried willow requires almost no maintenance.
For a more economical option, you can opt for an oak* or mesh cover.

*Only one of the two facades can be made of oak.




Barkless willow

Natural willow with bark


Wire mesh

Advantages and stats

More efficient than concrete… but how?

Noise barriers must reduce the sounds in any given area. However, it’s equally as important to not amplify the noise on the opposite side of the fence with sound reflection. In the case of reflective concrete walls, noise levels can sometimes increase by almost 3 dBA.

Salix Factory’s acoustic fencing doesn’t allow any sound reflection to take place. Studies show that our screens absorb nearly 95% of noise, naturally blocking out extraneous sounds.

How tall should your noise barrier stand?

The height and length of each barrier have a major influence on the effectiveness your complete acoustic fencing. The higher the wall, the more noise will be kept out. Also, you’ll need to install your fencing longer than the location you want to protect, otherwise sound could get around the edges of your wall.

Insulation and acoustic properties

Our barriers are insulated by Rockdelta rock wool specially designed for outdoor conditions.

Rock wool has incomparable acoustic properties, and we offer it in two densities: 13 and 21 kg/m². Therefore, we can adjust the density according to your specific needs. If you require a density higher that our current standards, please contact us.

Salix Factory fences meet European CE conformity standards, as well as ASTM North American standards. Our barriers have also been tested by DELTA ( and Intertek (, leaders in the test and control industry.

Salix Factory 240 Salix Factory 120
Sound insulation DLR = 32 dB (catégorie B3) DLR = 22 dB (catégorie B2)
Sound absorption DLa = 5 dB (catégorie 2) DLa = 9 dB (catégorie A3)
Sound reduction index  Rw (dB) 37 26